A downloadable game for Windows

Drive your truck along the frozen river. 

Listen out for sounds of danger.

Don't fall in.

(This game was made for the "HauntedPS1" Summer of Shivers Game Jam 2021)


The weather is getting dangerously bad, no-one else is doing ice road deliveries because the weather channels are all telling them to stay inside. Unfortunately for you, money is tight and a contract just made itself available. You need the cash, so you take up the delivery and deliver the goods. The return journey however took a turn for the worst. All the other safer routes home have been shuttered because of the snowstorms. Now you must cross the thin and perilous ice bridge in one sitting as the day turns to night. If it's not all downhill from here, it's down into the drink. Take care.


  • A to steer left
  • D to steer right
  • Truck accelerates by itself.


Install instructions

Downloadable file is a .zip file, must be unzipped to access Unity 3D app.


Bridge of Ice (Windows) 70 MB


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its been a minute, i love this atmosphere :)

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